Samosa & Samosa Chat

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The Indian samosa is arguably the most recognizable and widely-available Indian food there is. From street vendors to grocery stores to the menu in restaurants small and large, this delectable morsel is practically synonymous with Indian cuisine. However, much like India itself, the samosa has a surprisingly rich, diverse, and storied history, having traveled far and wide through Central Asia and across the Himalayan Steppe to reach the place that in modern times is thought of as its home.

Samosa Chat

Samosa chaat, a legendary snack, which is arguably the most popular street food in India. In this dish, the samosa is broken into bite-sized pieces and served up with masala, chutney, a variety of spices, and plenty of other condiments, depending on the chef. This is another one that can be made at home, and with so many spices and sauces to try, the range for experimentation is great!

samosa chat

There is practically no situation that doesn’t call for a samosa in India. The ever-popular chai-samosa is the pairing of tea and samosa, something that unites the country in enjoyment. Many a great conversation, whether over lunch or late into the night, has been shared over this cultural pastime. In fact, come ‘rainy’ season and the demand for samosas spikes to leave the Ubers of the world behind. Members of the household, neighbors and peers are often seen comforting themselves over samosas and banter. How fun does that sound!


Samosa Plate
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