Lunch Buffet

Savor an endless variety of Indian specialties, including tandoori dishes and fresh naan, in a welcoming atmosphere.

That’s right folks. We have a Lunch Buffet for only $14.99

Buffet Hours: 11am-2:00pm Tuesday-Friday


Come alone or come together just make sure you come hungry.
Perfect for large groups & Parties!
Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Goat Curry, Chicken Chilli, Chicken Curry
Vegan 🌱 Options. Daal soup
Lunch Buffet Weekdays 11AM-2PM at Tandoori Kitchen Lafayette, CO


  1. Mrs. Nancy Gordon

    Hi Raj. I stumbled on to your lovely online bit and it made me hungry! But it does say you do not do delivery here in Louisville. Too bad. Am I correct that you do have a buffet at noon now? If so I hope to be able to come very soon. Thanks for all the great meals we have had on carry-out these past years.

    1. Mrs. Gordon,

      Thank you so much for visiting our website. Yes, we do have a buffet now on weekdays! It is Tuesday-Friday 11AM-2PM. We are very excited that the lunch buffet is back.

      Regarding delivery options, please order from this link and it will let you order delivery to Louisville:

      Thank you

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