Indian Food The Most Healthy & Nutrient Dense

Every day I consume Indian food & I believe it is the healthiest choice and is delicious at the same time. The ingredients are fresh which means I am getting the most nutrients out of them. As someone who is fairly active and concerned about their health it is very important to me that I eat well.

indian restaurant lafayette indian restaurant lafayette
indian restaurant lafayette indian restaurant lafayette

This is the “Rasila Lamb.” I love the rasila lamb because it has peppers, spices, onions and my favorite lean protein. At Tandoori Kitchen Lafayette, I am provided with everything that I am desire.

indian restaurant lafayette

Another example would be this delicious lamb kebob! At Tandoori Kitchen Indian Restaurant in Lafayette, Lamb Kebobs are served with fresh broccoli, zucchini, onions & bell peppers. Those are my favorite vegetables. They are my favorite because they taste delicious and provide an excellent number of vitamins that we require on a daily basis. The boost of protein & vegetables means you will have extra energy to utilize on a daily basis.

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