Tandoori Kitchen Anniversary 2021

Tandoori Kitchen Lafayette Anniversary 2021

2021 was a special year for us: Tandoori Kitchen is celebrating yet another year of serving the Lafayette & East Boulder County. Tandoori Kitchen was established in Lafayette in 2018. A small restaurant established a few years ago serving local families, today we are recognising our community that has made this possible.

This community is part of our story. Serving our community, in the safest & most meaningful way possible is the number one priority. This year especially our operations have been modified in order for us to add value while still maintaining our responsibilities in today’s world.

In the latest Tandoori Kitchen Anniversary event, we celebrated with champagne, cake, various homemade desserts & giveaways. The event’s main goal is to express our gratitude for the community’s support. Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate, we look forward to serving you.

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