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What is a Himalayan Momo?

Chicken Momos

A Taste of Nepal.

Momos are native to Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and parts of India. Typically known to originate from Tibet, they have since migrated to become a comfort food staple in various regions. Momos are typically steamed dumplings with various fillings from meat to cheese and vegetables. In Kathmandu, momos are a popular comfort and street food, such that its developed a creative variety. A hungry traveler may track down some of them — in its simplest form of steamed momos, they are quite ubiquitous on tourist menus.

Momos are a dumplings made of all-purpose flour and filled with either meat or vegetables. Inspired by Tibetan dumplings, the dish is a very popular Nepali street food.

Chicken Momo at Momo Restaurant in Nepal

Everyone is introduced to momos as a young child. It’s a common tool of bribery along with ice-cream that many parents can convince their child to do anything. Dentist trips or exams were never complete without a plate of momo! Those momos have left a lasting impression that cause random mouth watering memories.

What is one to do when you need to satisfy your momo cravings?

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